Green Light Advantage

Our mission statement is simple, to provide all of our clients with exceptional customer service and extreme attention to detail at competitive rates. Let’s face it – there are several building permit expediters in New York City, but how many keep you updated throughout the permitting process without having to track them down? How many truly care about their clients and their needs? How many will manage their project loads to ensure full and thoughtful attention to their clients? If you have worked with some of the expediters in New York City, you probably know the answer – not many at all.

What’s the Green Light Advantage?

The Green Light Advantage is the upper hand you achieve when you have a team of highly experienced professionals fully committed securing your municipal approvals as quickly as possible. By choosing Green Light Expediting for your permit needs, you gain the knowledge and insight of permit professionals who know the inner workings of the Department of Buildings as well as anyone in the industry. By tracking and maintaining a reasonable workload for each of our Project Managers, we are able to provide the attention necessary for meaningful and appreciative client relationships to develop. Regardless of how big or small a client may be. See our testimonials, they tell the story for us! This self-discipline has allowed Green Light Expediting to avoid the most common problem with expediters, being stretched too thin so details and clients slip through the cracks. As a result, our level of customer service is unmatched in the industry.

Let the Advantage Work for You

Give the Green Light Advantage a shot and you will gain a trusted and reliable partner dedicated to moving your New York construction projects forward with speed, responsiveness, and transparency. Not to mention eliminating the stresses of the Department of Buildings filing process! We look forward to showing you in practice what the Green Light Advantage is all about.