When you need not just the DOB, but other agencies

Aside from minor building upkeep, essentially all construction work requires a permit from the Department of Buildings.  However, depending on the nature of the work being done, you may need to apply for additional permits from other city agencies, as well:

–  The Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC).   This agency designates certain buildings and areas of the city as culturally, historically or architecturally important and dictates what construction work can be done on them.  You’ll need a permit from the LPC if your building has landmark status or is in a historic district.  Read more here.

–  The Department of Transportation (DOT).  Permits are necessary from the DOT if your project will affect or obstruct the sidewalks or streets in any way, from disturbing the actual street surface to simply needing to place construction equipment on part of the sidewalk.  You’ll also need to involve the DOB if you plan on setting up sidewalk cafes or canopies for your business.

–  Fire Department (FDNY).   The FDNY handles permits for sprinklers, air conditioning, natural gas, boilers, fuel tanks, heliports, and essentially anything else that could present a fire hazard.  In addition, it issues Place of Assemblies (PA) for locations where more than 75 people will gather.

–  Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).  Asbestos?  You need the DEP’s blessing.  The DEP also issues permits for any work that affects the City water and sewer infrastructure.