Do Air Conditioners Require Equipment Use Permits (EUPs)?

To put it nicely, New York City can get pretty disgusting in the summer—hot, humid, and muggy.  Air conditioning is practically a must, and woe on the tenant without it.  If you’re unfortunate not enough to have air conditioning—or are thinking of replacing yours—be aware that some air conditioners will require a permit known as the “Equipment Use Permit” (EUP).

What is an Equipment Use Permit, anyway?

If you’ve ever installed a boiler or elevator, EUP should sound familiar—it’s the same type of permit. You’ll need an equipment use permit for large, high-capacity air conditioners with more than 800 CFM.

What types of air conditioning projects require an EUP?

Of course, not all air conditioners are this powerful or large, and accordingly, the Fire Department of New York doesn’t require equipment use permits for them.  If your New York City AC unit is 3 tons or smaller and fits into windows or wall sleeves, it’s most likely exempt from an equipment use permit. The Department of Buildings has several requirements that an air conditioning unit must meet in order to bypass the exemption:

1)  Only serves one floor of the building

2)  Doesn’t use lot line windows

3)  Isn’t installed in a public hallway, passageway, or stairway

4)  Doesn’t reduce ventilation of another room below legally permissible levels

5)  Doesn’t penetrate fire divisions, roofs, floors, or walls

If you’re unsure whether or not your New York city air conditioning install project will require an equipment use permit, contact us today. We’re happy to help determine whether or not you need an EUP, and if so, expedite the process with the New York Department of Buildings.

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