Backyard Sheds

Unlike many home improvements, storage sheds do not (usually) need permits or approval from the Department of Buildings. However, that being said, sheds still have to be built to certain requirements dictated by the DOB. These rules apply regardless of whether the shed is custom-built or prefabricated.

  • Size: Up to 120 square feet
    • Storage sheds above 121 square feet require permits
  • Height: Maximum 7’6″ feet
  • Installation: May not be permanently affixed to the land
  • Placement: Must be in rear yard, at least three feet away from property line
    • Sheds that are within 3 feet of the property line require permits and must be made of nonflammable materials

Landmarked properties must receive approval and permits from the Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC) to build a backyard shed, even if the shed does not require permits from the DOB.