Certificates of Fitness

When things go wrong with fire, they can go really wrong…  meaning if there’s a chance equipment you have could catch on fire, like a boiler, you want whoever is working with it to know what they’re doing.  To this end, the FDNY has developed a set of regulations and fire prevention measures for the following most hazardous activities.

FDNY Regulations and Fire Prevention Measures

  • Working with hazardous materials
  • Using open flames
  • Using equipment that operates at a high pressure
  • Performing official fire safety duties
  • Working directly with fire safety systems (i.e., sprinklers or smoke detectors)

What is the Certificate of Fitness and what FDNY fire rules does it cover?

Anyone who is involved in the above activities must know the relevant procedures and rules the FDNY has developed.  The “Certificate of Fitness” is a written statement from the FDNY that the person has passed an exam demonstrating their knowledge. For more information about the FDNY and their regulations regarding fire measures, please contact us.

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