Expedited Review Process for Electrical Advisory Board

In its continuing effort to streamline and accelerate permit processing time, the Department of Buildings has recently instituted an expedited review process for certain Electrical Advisory Board submissions.  Normally, the Electrical Advisory Board governs approval of electrical installations with 1000kVA service or larger.  However, starting March 2014, submissions meeting any of the following criteria are eligible for expedited review:

  • Adding new service switches of 600 amps or smaller to an existing installation that would bring the total to 1000kVA or more
  • Adding new electrical equipment to a service room that wouldn’t affect the clearance area around equipment with 1000kVA service
  • Adding
    • A second-fused disconnect switch rated 600 amps or less
    • A fire-pump service switch or special fire pump to the existing 1000 kVA service
  • Replacing
    • Service entrance conductors or wiring methods
    • First feeder conductors or wiring methods
    • Service switches and fuses
    • Second disconnect switches and fuses
    • Distribution board and fuses
    • First- or second-level fuses
  • Installing a generator under 1000 kVA in residential buildings
  • Final connections of under 1000 kVA Interconnected Electric Power Production Sources, (e.g., solar photovoltaic, fuel cell systems) to the 1000kVA service