Hub Inspection Ready

for boilers, construction, elevators, plumbing, sustainability, and more by moving the entire process online.  For most inspections, it is now entirely paperless and no longer requires going to the Department of Buildings in person.

With Hub Inspection Ready, building owners and contractors simply go online to the web portal to set up an inspection time.  Immediately after the inspection, the inspector post  the preliminary results online, which will be followed up with final results after a supervisor has an opportunity to review.  If the report includes certifiable objections, you can submit certification of the objection online.

To ease the transition for the less technologically inclined, the Department of Buildings will accept inspection requests done both traditionally and online for a short time after Hub Inspection Ready launches.  However, after this brief transition period, the DOB plans to shift the entire inspection request process online.  We’re betting no one will mind.