Limited Application Alteration

Why do I need a Limited Application Alteration for permit expediting?

A Limited Application Alteration (LAA) is an application submitted by a plumber to do minor plumbing or gas line work, like adding a gas meter or replacing a boiler.  LAAs are not the same as construction permits; unlike permits, LAAs don’t involve construction, so they can be signed off by a plumber.  Permits, meanwhile, must be drafted by an architect and allow construction work.  As a result, filing a LAA is much faster and easier. To qualify for an LAA, the project must meet the following guidelines.

Limited Application Alteration Guidelines:

1) Only 2 or fewer plumbing fixtures are being installed

2) Only 5 or fewer sprinkler heads are being added to an existing sprinkler system

3) Oil burner equipment with a BTU input below 650,000 is being installed

4) The work doesn’t exceed $25,000 within a 12 month period.

Limited Application Alteration Next Steps

If your LAA doesn’t meet the guidelines outlined above or you have additional questions, please visit the New York City Department of Buildings or Contact Us for a thorough analysis of your construction permit expediting needs.

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