New Fence Requirements

In an attempt to standardize the appearance of temporary protective structures and provide easily accessible information to the public about ongoing projects, the Department of Buildings (DOB) has updated its requirements for both signage and fencing requirements starting July 1, 2013.  Although fencing standards (height, placement, material) are largely the same, there were nonetheless some minor changes worth noting.

Firstly, fences must now be painted hunter green.  Secondly (and easily the biggest change), fences must have at least one viewing panel per 25 linear feet, with a minimum of one panel per frontage.  This change allows the public to see construction projects in progress.  As such, these viewing panels must be 12 by 12 inches and blocked off with plexiglass or similar unbreakable material.   The top of the viewing panel must be no higher than 6 feet off the ground, and the bottom no less than 3 feet above the ground.