Post-Approval Amendments

Even the most set-in-stone construction plans may end up changing as the actual work commences—different contractors, unforeseen snags, what have you.  In some instances, the changes you institute may require refiling what’s known as a “Post-Approval Amendment” with the DOB.

When a PAA is NOT needed (but other forms might be)

Changing an applicant’s name or filing representative’s name.  Since the job the DOB approved isn’t actually being altered itself, a PAA is unnecessary.  Instead, you must file a PW-1 form.

Minor plan changes that don’t affect the PW-1.  In this case, you can simply submit an AI-1 (Additional Information) form that details the change.

When a PAA is needed

Generally, you’ll need to file a PAA for Schedule A changes (occupancy and use), Schedule C changes (heating and combustion equipment), and certain Schedule B changes (plumbing, sprinkler, and standpipes).  Depending on how many and what sort of changes you plan on making under Schedule B (read more here), you may not need to submit a PAA.