Potentially Structurally Compromised Buildings

Potentially compromised buildings are buildings that meet any of the following criteria:

  1. Have had an open roof for sixty days or longer
  2. Have been shored and braced or repaired according to an emergency declaration issued by the commissioner
  3. May have suffered structural damage as the result of fire or partial collapse of floors or interior/exterior walls

Within 60 days of a building being identified as potentially structurally compromised, the building must undergo an initial inspection by a registered professional. This professional, in turn, must submit an inspection report to the DOB no later than 30 days after the inspection.  The building must be inspected and submit reports annually thereafter until the DOB receives a final certification that the initial problematic condition has been fixed.  Each inspection filing costs $500.

It’s imperative that owners of potentially structurally compromised buildings take care of inspections right away.  Owners who fail to file reports within 90 days of their building being identified will be fined $3,000 for each violation.  Additionally, the DOB will not issue permits of any type for the building until inspection reports, fee payments, and penalty fines have been received.