Renewing Permits

Normally, the Department of Buildings requests that if you want to renew a permit, you submit a PW2 Work Permit Application (PW2) at least two weeks the expiration date.  However, it’s still possible to renew expired permits under certain conditions.   As long as you have there has been active work on your project in the past two years since the permit expired, you can receive a renewal.   However, regardless of whether you’re renewing an active or expired permit, certain situations require more information in order to be granted a renewal.

For instance, sidewalk shed permits require approval letters that describe the condition of the building, how much work you’ve performed since the last permit’s issuance, how much work remains and how long it will take, and the signature and seal of an engineer or architect attesting to the included information.   Superseding letters, meanwhile, are necessary if you plan on switching contractors mid-project.