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Expedited Review for a Certificate of No Effect

Doing any sort of construction work on landmark buildings tends to be a real headache—not only do you have to file permits with the DOB, but with the LPC as well, which can lengthen an already byzantine process.  Thankfully, under certain circumstances, you can apply for what’s known as a “Expedited Review for a Certificate of No Effect,” which can be a big help speeding things up.  In order to be eligible, the proposed work must meet ALL of the following criteria: More Info

The Three Types of Permits Issued by the Landmarks Preservation Commission

The city agency charged with protecting historically, culturally, and architecturally buildings in the city, the Landmarks Preservation Commission, must issue a permit for all construction work done on protected buildings.  There are three basic permits the LPC issues:

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The Landmark Preservation Commission

Following the unpopular destruction of Penn Station and resulting outcry in 1965, the government established the Landmark Preservation Commission to protect the city’s most culturally and historically relevant buildings from suffering a similar fate. More Info