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Special Inspections

What are They?

The DOB requires what’s known as “Special Inspections” during the construction process of certain projects to ensure that the work is being done according to approved plans.

Many people confuse Special Inspections with Progress Inspections, which are also performed during the construction process.  Progress Inspections verify that the work complies with the code and the submitted construction plans.  Special Inspections, meanwhile, verify that materials, equipment, installation, fabrication or placement of components and connections all comply with the Code.

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Proposed Changes to the Demolition Process in Manhattan

The printed word is dying.  Newspapers are becoming a dying relic, and bookstores everywhere are shuttering their doors.  To the dismay of many New Yorkers, the famous Midtown bookstore Rizzoli Bookstore became another casualty April 15th when the century-old building will be shuttered for good and demolished to make way for new construction.  After a failed attempt to landmark the building to ensure its preservation, supporters are now calling for a change to the landmarking process. More Info