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The Different Types of Building Permits

For any non-cosmetic construction work, the Department of Buildings must grant the project governmental approval by issuing building permit.  There are two different types of permits the DOB grants, new building and alteration permits, with three different levels of the latter.  Which type of permit (Alteration Type 1, Type 2, or Type 3) depends on the level of work being done.

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Most Common Problems with Places of Assembly

Emergencies requiring quick exit from a building can quickly turn catastrophic when there are many people on the premises.  As a result, the Department of Buildings holds buildings with a Place of Assembly permit to a high standard, and it’s easy to get written up.  Here are the most common problems throughout the PACO permit application process, as identified by the DOB:

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Renewing Permits

Normally, the Department of Buildings requests that if you want to renew a permit, you submit a PW2 Work Permit Application (PW2) at least two weeks the expiration date.  However, it’s still possible to renew expired permits under certain conditions.   As long as you have there has been active work on your project in the past two years since the permit expired, you can receive a renewal.   However, regardless of whether you’re renewing an active or expired permit, certain situations require more information in order to be granted a renewal.

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New Fence Requirements

In an attempt to standardize the appearance of temporary protective structures and provide easily accessible information to the public about ongoing projects, the Department of Buildings (DOB) has updated its requirements for both signage and fencing requirements starting July 1, 2013.  Although fencing standards (height, placement, material) are largely the same, there were nonetheless some minor changes worth noting. More Info