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Most Common Problems with Places of Assembly

Emergencies requiring quick exit from a building can quickly turn catastrophic when there are many people on the premises.  As a result, the Department of Buildings holds buildings with a Place of Assembly permit to a high standard, and it’s easy to get written up.  Here are the most common problems throughout the PACO permit application process, as identified by the DOB:

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Local Law 26/04 and Sprinklers

The devastating terrorist attacks of 2001 left an indelible mark on the construction code in New York City.  Fatalities would have been smaller, critics argued after the attacks, wouldn’t have died had the Twin Towers been built differently.  In response to this criticism, then-Mayor Bloomberg signed Local Law 26 of 2004, which instituted more than fifteen major changes to both the Building Code and the Fire Prevention Code. More Info

Portable Heaters and Sidewalk Cafés

The arrival of spring for many restauranteers means dining outside at sidewalk cafés in pleasant, crisp spring temperatures.  However, spring weather is notoriously fickle, and some days are simply frigid.  Portable heaters are essential for sidewalk cafes on those days, but to install one, you’ll need the Fire Department’s blessing first.  What’s involved in getting a portable heater? More Info