The Different Types of Building Permits

For any non-cosmetic construction work, the Department of Buildings must grant the project governmental approval by issuing building permit.  There are two different types of permits the DOB grants, new building and alteration permits, with three different levels of the latter.  Which type of permit (Alteration Type 1, Type 2, or Type 3) depends on the level of work being done.

 Alteration Type 1

 Alteration Type 1 is the most complex type of permit, typically issued for when the construction will lead to a change in use, occupancy, or egress of a building.  Typical projects a Type I might be issued for would be adding square footage, converting a residential building to commercial, or changing the maximum number of residents.  At the end of the project, an amended Certificate of Occupancy must be issued, legally certifying the change in building status.

Alteration Type 2

The Department of Building issues Alteration Type 2 permits to construction projects that require several different types of work (i.e., plumbing and construction) but don’t change how the building is used or occupied, such as the remodeling of an apartment’s interior.

 Alteration Type 3

 Alteration Type 3 permits are for alteration projects that involve only one type of work, like a curb cut.

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