Tree Planting Requirement

As part of former Mayor Bloomberg’s 2007 PlaNYC initiative to create a greener New York, the City has greatly stepped up its efforts to plant trees around the five boroughs.  To this end, all New Building and Alteration Type 1 and 2 projects that alter more than 20% of the building are required to plant at least one tree on the street.  Because tree planting affects the sidewalk, however, it is necessary to file a P-A Forestry Application for Plan Review.  This application details where the tree will be planted, the type of species, sidewalk tree pit dimensions and finishing, and other related information.   Similar to other sidewalk obstructions and construction projects, trees must maintain a certain distance from things like stop signs, driveways, fire hydrants, and parking meters.  If the proposed planting meets City standards, you will receive “Tree Work Permit” from the Department of Buildings.